My Best Friend Is A Salamander
My Green Kite
  Have You Ever Really Looked At An Egg?
My Trampoline
My Fabulous Plum
My Lemonade Stand

2007 Grammy Nominee
2002 Emmy Nomination
Five-time ASCAP Award Winner
Four-time Gold Parent Choice Award Winner
2007 NAPPA (National Parenting Publishers Award) Album of the Year


"Himmelman writes music with the same emphatic edge and aesthetic urgency that impelled the Lost Generation to write novels."
-Time Magazine
Himmelman "strips his music to its essence, tapping into a primal inspiration, investing melodies with the yearning of a spiritual quest."
- No Depression Magazine

What People Are Saying About Peter Himmelman's New CD

"The eclectic pop tunes will have playtime rocking in a snap." - LIFE

"a disarming family music album that delights in the simple joys of
childhood and teaches good life lessons, from a guy who's clearly been
there and done that."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"a masterpiece of clever lyrics and themes combined with catchy, upbeat
- (

"a genre-spanning hoot, full of tunes that luxuriate in everyday
- Hartford Courant

"In this kids' collection, he combines his rocker cool voice with a
great sense of humor and sings about all the little details that kids
like to think about -- like red rubber boots in the rain, the properties
of an egg and mom's awesome dinner-making skills... everyone was
snapping and singing along." - Los Angeles Jewish Journal

Peter Himmelman raises the bar for all children's music artists with My
Green Kite - this is children's music at its best and represents the
level of children's music that our kids should be hearing. -
Chicago Parent and

This is a fantastic album, chock-full of great tunes and production,
with lyrics that sometimes speak directly to kids' daily lives and other
times fire their imaginations. It'll make you smile and make you think.
... on my short list of favorite albums for 2007. Highly recommended.
-- Zooglobble, the blog for hip kids' music

"The hip factor is high on this cool disk...sounds like laid-back cross
between They Might Be Giants and Randy Newman, but this songwriting is
refreshingly original." - Parentmap magazine

"Quirky, pop-influenced tunes geared for kids ages 3 and up." -
Playthings magazine

"Himmelman earns his place among his contemporaries in the field."
- Chicago Free Press