Peter featured in Tablet
Peter is currently featured in the online magazine Tablet. Read the full article here.
New Record Release!
The Boat That Carries Us was released on July 15th. Recorded with music legends Jim Keltner and Lee Sklar, with help from guitarist David Steele and keyboardist Will Gramling.
Peter Announces New Record/Kickstarter Campaign
I'm proud to announce the release of the Kickstarter Campaign for my new record: The Boat That Carries Us
Recorded with music legends, Jim Keltner and Lee Sklar with help from guitarist David Steele and keyboardist Will Gramling.
Please support its release into the world at: 
Peter works with Wounded Warrior Project
"This week I'm honored to announce that I'll be traveling to Breckenridge, Colorado to work with families from the Wounded Warrior Project. This is an amazing organization dedicated to assisting American heroes."
I'll be accompanied by Big Muse team members Kristin Mooney and her talented husband Eric Heywood. We're hoping to help facilitate change and healing through songwriting."
New album available!
Minnesota is Peter's new project, his first collaborative effort in over 25 years featuring some of the state's best musicians, from BoDeans drummer Noah Levy to Johnny Lang’s current bassist, Jimmy Anton, along with vocals from Kristin Mooney and Claire Holley.
A number of musicians contributed to the album, but Peter's principal artistic partner on Minnesota's debut album Are You There is filmmaker David Hollander, the man behind the hit TV series "The Guardian." Together, the two helped turn Are You There, into an organic record rooted in folk, Americana understated pop/rock.
Peter has launched Big Muse.
The Big Muse Seminar is designed to free your business team to feel the power of their creative process. Motivate them to deliver their best ideas boldly - all within the boundaries of your business requirements and deadlines. Check out for details.
Digital music now available!
Our store now features digital versions of Peter's music, including new releases Flimsy, a collection of music/spoken word pieces, and Songs To Make Boring Days Fun, featuring the best of Peter's music for children.
Furious World
Watch Peter’s weekly web show "Furious World" every Tuesday at 7pm PST. Click HERE to watch
Peter in the Wall Street Journal and NPR
Peter was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and NPR's All Things Considered.
New Album Release!
The Mystery And The Hum is available now on vinyl and CD.
My Trampoline now released!
To hear samples of My Trampoline, go here.
Purchase My Trampoline, from our store, iTunes, or
With songs about a trampoline, an African leopard tortoise named King Ferdinand, a picky eater named Peter, and the scarcity of kids named Steve, Peter mixes his offbeat sense of humor with lush pop stylings and irresistible beats to delight everyone...
Interview with Peter...
exploring his career as a musician and artist on the Thinking Out Loud talkcast series from
Custom Artwork from Peter
Check it out in our store and find out how to purchase a customized piece of Peter's artwork for yourself.
Interesting Article on Peter
Interesting article on Peter now appearing on
Peter's special connection with Daniel Pearl
Read and hear about Peter's special connection to Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl 
Five Short Films from Peter
Check out five new short films from Peter on our video page: "Why Flowers Are So Pretty", "What is Water", "Cars", "All This Fuss About Hair", and "The Smartest Animal in the World".
Congratulations to the winners of our cover song and story contest!
Chris Templeton is the winner of the cover song contest. video link  contest prize
Dr. Steven G. Eisenberg of San Diego is the winner of the story contest. story link  contest prize
There were so many great entries to choose from, we’ve decided to feature our favorites here:
Peter nominated for Grammy!
Peter and his album "My Green Kite" were nominated for a Grammy® award in the category of Best Musical Album For Children. The contenders for the 50th annual awards ceremony were announced in Los Angeles on December 6th.
Peter’s new Himmelvaults 7 CD!
Peter's newest Himmelvaults release is now available in our store.
Himmelvaults 7
Peter on KLSX 97.1 in Los Angeles
Peter made a guest appearance on the "Media Whores" show on KLSX 97.1 in Los Angeles Sunday, September 2nd.
The show was archived on a podcast at
Peter makes an appearance on "Rabbit Bites"
New Kids' CD Now Released!
L. A. Times story on Peter and "My Green Kite"
Listen to a free Peter Himmelman Podcast at the Land of Nod
"A disarming family music album that delights in the simple joys of childhood and teaches good life lessons, from a guy who's clearly been there and done that."
- Philadelphia Inquirer
"When folk rocker/pop-cult heavyweight Peter Himmelman applies his brainy quirkiness to kids' music, the result is an off-the-wall treat for ears and minds…clever lyrics and themes combined with catchy, upbeat music."
- (
See below for the My Green Kite press release:
Scoring Bones and 'Trees
Peter is scoring his second season of FOX's hit show, Bones. He is also scoring the ABC show, Men In Trees, starring Anne Heche.
Rock G-d Trailer
Rock G-d Video
Coming soon – Rock G-d – A road epic about the pursuit of an adolescent dream into adult reality.
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QuickTime  (QuickTime 6 version)
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Peter's now on myspace
"Music of the Week"
Song of the Week
Mission of My Soul: The Best of Peter Himmelman.....

For information on purchasing the cd, please visit: Shout Factory
CLICK to read press release
"Three Days"

Click Three Days to watch a short film by Peter Himmelman & Keith Wolf

Imperfect World - Available now!
To check out a preview of the new CD and to hear music samples, click on the album cover above.

To purchase Imperfect World, click BUY or it can be purchased at
Tower Records, Amazon & BestBuy.


Wet Matches Music Video
Wet Matches Video
To watch an early release of the music video, "Wet Matches" click broadband or dial up
The Peter Himmelman Songbook
Click above for a preview
Anybody ready for some Lemonade?
Click below for a preview
Peter Himmelman - The Complete Sussman Lawrence 2CD

Sussman Lawrence, the legendary Minneapolis group that evolved into The Peter Himmelman Band, lives again with the reissue of its two distinguished and long out-of-print indie albums—“Hail To The Modern Hero!” (1980) and “Pop City” (1984). For more info click SUSSMAN LAWRENCE
Peter's story in a national magazine

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