Peter Himmelman is a Grammy and Emmy nominated singer-songwriter, visual artist, best-selling author, film composer, entrepreneur, and rock and roll performer with over 20 critically acclaimed recordings to his credit.

In addition to his own creative work, he is the founder of Big Muse, a company, which helps organizations to leverage the power of their people’s innate creativity. Clients include The Wharton School, The UPennCLO Executive Doctoral Program, 3M, McDonald’s, Adobe, and Gap Inc. His most recent book, Let Me Out (Unlock your creative mind and bring your ideas to life) was released in October, 2016.

Peter also holds an Advanced Management Certificate from The Kellogg School of Business, at Northwestern and a Certificate of Leadership Development from the United States Army War College.


The following was reproduced from the Tablet article by Wayne Robins:

Peter Himmelman is an observant man, in all senses of the word. After lunch at a kosher fish restaurant in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles one recent afternoon, we walked to a nearby apartment that he keeps as a place to wind up or wind down, write songs or to sip tea, paint, write, relax, and to enjoy Shabbat. He took off the pork pie hat that is one of his sartorial trademarks, and placed a kippah on his head. He observed that his guest was tired and suggested we meditate.

We moved to facing chairs. He showed me some breathing exercises, and gave me a mantra on which to concentrate. The words were: “My purple shirt.” I was more tired than I thought, since I was wondering why he chose that phrase, until I noticed I was wearing a purple shirt. “It can be anything,” he said. The phrase he often uses when he begins to meditate consists of the Hebrew words ribbonah shel olam: Master of the universe.

“Meditation is one area where assessment thinking has no place,” he said. “No one does meditation well, no one does it poorly. We’ve put such a premium on success and failure.”

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